Agile Organizational Leadership

A Step change in resilience and innovation

Developed by Brian Abbott and Dr Claudius van Wyk of Transformation strategies

The organizational world faces uncertainty – political, economic, social and ecological. We are in transition towards a new way of doing Business. Successful companies are those that have been able to deal with this resiliently. To stay ahead of the curve, there is a need for companies to be adaptive to constant change and innovation. To achieve this, Business Leaders need to enable a deep engagement with their staff.

A new feature of successful Business Leadership is about enabling collective Intelligence – being able to connect with your employees, finding out what is important to them, using their feedback, becoming Engaged. It is about accessing the deeper potential – finding the unique talents within the Team and harnessing these for the good of the Company – optimizing human potential.

The most successful organization will have the most Engaged workforce. In a conventional Management process we will only tap into a limited potential of our people. In a more dynamic management process we will be able to access a far deeper human potential. By doing this, we are able to optimize the opportunities in this dynamic market place / environment more effectively. Every change brings an opportunity. It is a smarter, more Engaged, more Resilient workforce that is able to find those new opportunities.

This is a 6 day process – 3 x 2 day session.



This effective, dynamic, transformational learning process is designed to optimize the organizational mindset towards business excellence. The highly interactive training programme consists of 3 two day workshops and is designed to develop the resilience and creativity of your employees through engagement which will enable the optimization of new opportunities.


The capacity to continue to function optimally in uncertainty and manage the stress of change.

The delegates will be coached in accurate mapping – managing emotions, managing state, precise communication, Emotional Intelligence (EQ). Operating with Integrity of Information – developing an intimate and accurate understanding of what is really happening in the world. The Team will know fully what challenges are being faced and will feel up to the task.


Creating the optimal interpersonal and organizational environment to enable employee engagement.

The outcome of these two days is to optimize employee engagement by creating an empowering and enabling environment. Aligning employee capacity strategically to the identified Vision and Purpose of the organization.


Innovation is the application of better solutions that meet new requirements – thereby staying on the cutting edge.

“Learning and innovation go hand in hand. The arrogance of success is to think that what you did yesterday will be sufficient for tomorrow.”
William Pollard

Developing the capacity to think innovatively and to be able to access that creative state of mind as required.

The programme offers a process for dealing creatively with opportunities and challenges. By fully employing creative Right Brain thinking with the logic and structure of Left Brain thinking, it achieves an optimal integration of imagination and realism. Consequently innovative approaches that can be implemented practically are identified.

Delegates will learn how to:
– Develop the capacity to think innovatively and to be able to access that creative state of mind as required.
– select those ideas with the highest delivery potential
– apply a practical strategy for implementation

In so doing they will utilize the skills and insights identified in the Resilience Workshop as well as the processes for enhanced collaboration enabled by the Engagement workshop to ensure ultimate success.

These outcomes will be structured into the timeline of the organization with the availability of appropriate resources and in accordance with strategic priority:

The overall capacity to integrate Resilience, Engagement and Innovation will create an organization that is described as AGILE.

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